Free Fire – Garena’s extremely cool parachute survival game

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Currently, the game has many different versions such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam … And with the game, the low-profile phone can still play smoothly because with Android, it only needs 1GB RAM configuration, Ministry Remember 1Gb, Android version 4.4 and above, while iOS, from the iPhone 5 line or more is good to play.

Myself Free Fire APK formerly a project made by a small group of developers of Garena, then gradually grow, but the amount of good players should always Garena officially released.

As part of the company, Garena is also the largest sponsor and organizer of the eSports event in Southeast Asia which has expanded the game ecosystem and the participation of individual players. For the future, of course, there will be many events and tournaments for Free Fir organized by Garena.

One of the leading game publishers in Southeast Asia, Garena itself, has released a new game called Free Fire in Vietnam, and also in Thailand, Indonesia…. Players on Android and iOS Currently can play shooting games/survival combat for free.

What is Garena Free Fire? It is a survival shooting game or also known as a royale battle game. You will play with 49 other players to survive on an island. The only way to win is to kill another player and become the last person alive.

Garena Free fire- good shooting game on Mobile

There are several modes that this game brings. You can play solo, 2 people or in a group of four players. Of course, you will need to take weapons and use them in this battlefield wisely to survive.

No doubt since Bluehole Studio introduced PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), Batlle royale games have simultaneously entered the market. Although there are many PUBG games like Ark- Survival of the Fittest orH1Z1- King of the Hill, PUBG is the most popular and most popular game today.

Free Fire brings the same excitement and stress to the general battle royale battles. Because the later the time for you to calculate, the thought will be less, so you need to react quickly to be able to survive, so the player is always in a state of extreme stress.

Previously, the game PUBG has set a game record on PC with the most players with a total of 3,106,358 online users at the same time. The second place belongs to Dota 2, but it loses far. Dota 2 only has 699,618 players.

Free Fire was released by Garena ‘s Studio game, and then it was broadcasted, but suddenly it was a lot of interest, so Garena decided to develop more and now it has been achieved. many big success figures.

Weapons in the game

Weapons in Free Fire are really similar to PUBG Mobile though, but there are even more strange weapons in the game

  • Pistols include M500, M1873, USP, G18 and Desert Eagle, M1014
  • Assault rifles include Famas, M4A1, AK, and SCAR
  • Extra machine guns (SMG) include MP40, UMP, and MP5
  • Sniper rifles include VSS, M14, SKS, and Kar98k

There are very few grenades, and now there is only one grenade exploding, two melee weapons are just one Pan and Parang and only one healing is wounded. Backpacks, armor, and hats are the same as PUBG Mobile. There are also attachments and scope, shock absorbers, silencers…

How to play Free fire on Android

Just like the other battle royale games, you will be taken by an airplane to an island full of others. After that, you will have to find ammunition, weapons and healing kits, heal.

After that, your mission is to hide to wait for the enemy to pass and kill it or to run to find the enemy to destroy them, but you need to remember this is a survival game and the only one alive is the winner.

Hats, caps, backpack 3 in Free fire Mobile do not have to worry about anything

In the game there is a very large map, but after a few minutes, there will be a shrinking circle gradually, if the player standing outside the blue circle will lose blood gradually until it is no longer available will die, so the player needs to run quickly into the white circle (that’s the safe area). Because the safe Bo rounds are continuously reduced, so in the game, the player will have to move as well as change position continuously.

For the duration of the battle, this game will give you a feeling of ending faster than other games. In addition to the relatively small map area, it is also very fast. Only about 4 minutes before the red area appears. After that, the safety zone will get smaller and faster and make you be more careful and make decisions faster.

The time is shorter, but it makes the player not too uncomfortable because of the higher attraction. However, this makes Downloading Free Fire more suitable for gamers who do not have much time to play games. And it only takes about 15-20 minutes or less to finish a battle, but if the battle you are defeated by the enemy will be pushed out of the battle and will start the new war.

Graphics – Sounds of Free Fire

First, we will talk about graphics quality. Perhaps to attract a broader target market, Garena International deliberately makes this game the lightest, as well as the smaller the smallest specs possible. For Android and Ios there must be at least 1 GB of RAM and 600MB of memory, so not only high-end smartphone users can play it, but even “corny” phones still play well.

In terms of graphics, we will be very clear from the beginning. This is not a graphics game that is too high like  NetEase’s or PUBG Mobile‘s Rules of Survival. Although the graphics are quite important for some players, Garena wants their games to be played by everyone so they have reduced to the best, as well as to help all phones with low configuration. still play smoothly this survival shooter.

Although the minimum required specification is quite low, the quality of Free Fire – Battlegrounds graphics is quite good, and the game has a second perspective, so it is still possible to see enemies easily. But to be honest, there are still many things to be found in buildings, vehicles, and surroundings.

Free fire has a lot of game modes

In addition to graphics issues, sound quality at Free Fire – Battlegrounds are also quite good. The sound of footsteps and the sound of gunshots is clear, so you can quickly identify. However, the footsteps of the character still have a lot of noise and therefore it is difficult to detect enemies when crawling.

Accordingly, the graphics are not bad at all. Especially if you think this is an open world game running on your phone, there are 50 players at the same time.

Scenes, buildings, and vehicles are nothing more beautiful than other battle royale games like PUBG. However, the character models are somewhat fancier.

There’s no denying that the character models look a bit childish if it’s the right word for it, but it’s a theme for another time. Not to mention that liking such characters is mainly a matter of personal preference rather than something objective.

What is truly impressive with Garena Free Fire is its optimization. The game runs smoothly even on low-profile Android / IOS phones.

The same cannot be said for PUBG that there are a few things that are not good, such as the skyrocketing latency even at the lowest settings. So when it comes to optimization, Free Fire wins PUBG and SPECIAL before Fortnite, currently, it struggles to run even on high-end phones.

Overall, the graphics are not too great, but they are quite smooth. But, the game is so optimized that you can run it with any phone that has appeared in the past few years.

Features of this survival game

The features in Free Fire are quite limited when compared to competitors. There are some standard features like changing buttons. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any changing, customizable features for any weapon. The “Friends” feature is also available. In addition, there are army corps and group systems. In addition, there are statistical features and achievement tables. All match data you have played is complete. Statistics Solo, Duo, and Squad are displayed differently.

In the game now you will be able to drive, swim freely, especially in-game cars very cool, and recently the company has updated the track mode, helping players racing extreme shooting hands.

Characters and privileges

This is where everything becomes good and bad at the same time. In Garena Free Fire, you can choose to play with different characters – great.

You need to pay for extra characters but that’s not the problem. Playing free games should somehow make money and these skins absolutely don’t need to be purchased.

And this is where things get annoying. Characters when depositing are not entirely skin-only – each of them has different privileges and skills that normal characters do not have.

And now the game has a total of 13 characters with most of them having some unique advantages compared to other characters.

These privileges include everything from faster reload time and faster running speed to the ability to carry extra gear and extra HP and healing speed. At the time of writing this article, the advantages are quite small. But, even the smallest advantage can separate the winner from the loser.

6 other characters provide the following benefits:

  • Nikita  – Submachine bullets loaded 4% faster
  • Misha  – 2% faster-driving speed
  • Ford  – The damage is 4% lower when outside the safe zone
  • Andrew  –   2% reduction in armor durability
  • Kelly  – 1% increase in speed
  • Olivia  – Revive other players with +6 HP


This game has quite a number of different outfits to choose your character design like the newly released soccer outfit for both men and women. With different costumes will help you express your style easily, in addition, now there are many characters like Maxim, KLA, Nikita, Andrew, Kelly … for you to buy, but why should you buy those This item is that each person will have different strong skills like speed, blood, accuracy, …

download Free fire garena to fight right now

Free fire ranking/rank system

How much difference does the ranking system make in Garena Free Fire? First of all, ranking matches are all about balance in this survival game.

You need to have a worthy challenge – destroy your opponent and win TOP 1.

The rank system will be the place where players need to focus a lot on their gameplay to fight and gain high rankings, and in each rank season, the game will be for those who play many items like gun skin, Extremely attractive character skin.

How to load cards for Free fire

Now, this mobile game has been allowed by Garena to add recharge (diamond loading) feature so you can buy more skins, characters, equipment, items … right in the game to be able to play better.


Instructions for playing basic Garena Free fire

1. When starting the game

In this game, you will fight against 50 players from all over the world and each player has only one goal; exist. You just need to click on the solo or dual option to start the match. After that, you will join 50 other players from all over the world. The battle begins after a few seconds; you must wait

After that, all players will land on the ground. You just need to press the open button though. After landing, the next task is to get weapons and other useful items. At the beginning of the match, you don’t have any weapons & anything. You can find these items in buildings, houses. Explore the city and search for these items. So this is basically the battlefield game; Now let’s start guiding Garena Free Fire – part 2

Play area -> At the top of the screen, you can see a small map, and it will show up; Safety zones are shrinking, dangerous areas, safety zones appear in minutes and more. Start a few minutes to relax; You just need to explore and find weapons; guns, health kits, bullets. But then, the safety zone will start to boil and to survive, you must move there. In the upper left corner, touch the map and you can check your location; You should stay under the white safety ring, the play area will shrink after every few minutes and to survive, you have to go there. Keep an eye on the dangerous area, if you are in a dangerous area, you need to exit and run into a safe area.

2. Control in Free fire Mobile

In the upper left corner, there is a map. Touch the map to zoom in or to see clearly. Remember- Keep an eye on the map; Your position, if you see red spots, then that means your enemy is near you, safety zone, danger zone, plane, etc.

In the lower left corner, use the control buttons to move your character, to automatically run; Touch the sprint button, just above the joystick. At the right corner, there is a shot and bow & lie button, jump up.

In the upper right corner, you can see the status; How many players are alive and how many players have you killed. Just below the status, you can see your weapons list; Touch the gun or item to equip.

At the bottom left, there is a pocket icon, touch it to check the items you have and click on an item to use it or for more information.

This is the process you must follow in the Garena Free Fire game;

After landing on the ground, search for weapons and useful items
Avoid enemies while exploring
Move to a safe zone
And finally when there are only two players left; you and the enemy; just hide and watch where the enemy is and finally shoot it.

Great tips, experiences of Free fire

Achieving the first rank in the battlefield game is not an easy task if you play carefully, you just need to survive, that’s it and to accomplish this task; Follow our Garena Free Fire strategy tips and guidelines;

Tip 1.) Do not land in crowded places 

As you all know that when you start the game, you don’t have any weapons or items. Therefore, each player’s first step is to get useful weapons & amp; items; Guns, bullets, medical sets, grenades, and more. These items can be obtained from buildings. And everyone will try to get good items first and land where there are lots of buildings. This action increases the chance of encountering enemies. So you should land in a less crowded area; where only 1-2 buildings! In short, to avoid encounters with enemies, land in a less crowded place. After you click the parachute button, you can use the joystick to move your character. Some of the best items & weapons? A medical kit and a good gun are enough.

Find the best equipment

To increase your chances of survival, you will need the necessary equipment. Find them as soon as you can!

  • The helmet protects your head and significantly reduces the damage from the shot in the head. You never know when a player is watching you from afar so the helmet can really save your life!
  • Backpack increases your carrying capacity. When carrying many things will support you a lot
  • Armor protects your body and reduces damage from body photos. This is the necessary reality for melee combat.

Tip 2.) This is not a survival game

You don’t need to show off your shooting skills on the battlefield because this is not a shooting game! This is a survival game and you just need to avoid the enemy and survive on your own. If you are finding enemies since the beginning of the battle, you are doing something wrong. After the battle begins, search and collect useful items and wait for the safe area. After appearing, move there but don’t let others see you. Or try to keep yourself on the edge of a safe zone; to avoid enemies.

Tip 3.) Use headphones to play games

Using headphones, you can listen to gunshots and enemies control vehicles like vehicles. This will warn you and you can take the initiative first. Another reason is that if someone is shooting you, you can act quickly. On the other hand, if you are playing without headphones, you will miss those warnings; Shoot, nearby enemies on the car. So use headphones while playing this mobile game.

Tip 4.) When fighting or encountering dangerous situations

In the Battle Royale game, you can’t track your enemies on the map, if you find the enemy first; then take advantage; Shoot like a professional and don’t let the enemy see you. Opposite; If you pay attention, you are in the enemy’s range, it is better to jump up to dodge enemy bullets or if the enemy shoots you far away, follow the s-shape to avoid enemy bullets and take advantage of rocks and trees to hide.

Tip 5.) Quick strategy

  • Avoid crowded places
  • Find and collect the best items
  • Wait for the safe zone
  • Should be at the boundary of the safe zone, should not be in the middle of the zone
  • Hide behind the rocks, in the bush in situations
  • Avoid enemies; You don’t need to kill, just avoid and can win this Free fire game.

Download Free fire game- on Android / iOS

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